ZEISS VR ONE Plus with multi-tray Review

ZEISS VR ONE Plus with multi-tray

The ZEISS VR ONE Plus is a new high end virtual reality headset developed by ZEISS to follow in the footsteps of the popular ZEISS VR ONE. The VR ONE Plus offers a number of enhancements and improvements over its predecessor model to make Virtual Reality even more accessible and enjoyable.

The new universal smartphone multi-tray makes the ZEISS VR ONE Plus compatible with smartphones between 4.7 and 5.5 inches – separate trays for different smartphone models are no longer required.  Due to the large eyebox, manual lens adjustments are unnecesary: the ZEISS VR ONE Plus offers an excellent visual quality across the entire viewing field for most eye distances (53 – 77mm). Even when the headset is not optimally centred, the wearer can enjoy high image quality over the entire visible area, including crisp, easy-to-read text.

The elegant, spacious design means that users can wear their regular eyeglasses under the VR headset. The head strap can be easily adjusted to comfortably fit the wearer‘s head for longer VR sessions like watching a movie, or removed completely so that the headset can be quickly passed around at fairs, events or parties. Furthermore, the face cushioning foam can be easily replaced for hygienic reasons.

With its high quality materials and design, as well as the innovative precision optics by ZEISS, the VR ONE Plus offers an all-round premium virtual reality experience.

Uses for ZEISS VR ONE Plus:

  • Experience immersive, virtual worlds
  • Look around freely in 360° videos and 360° panorama photos
  • Watch 3D movies in side-by-side mode or watch traditional 2D movies on a large virtual screen
  • Play interactive 3D VR games
  • Use Augmented Reality apps that access your smartphone‘s camera
  • Adjust the VR ONE Plus for your needs: attach the heads trap for longer sessions like games or a movie, or remove it to easily pass the headset around among clients and friends

Product Features ZEISS VR ONE Plus:

  • New universal smartphone multi-tray supports smartphones with display sizes between 4.7″ and 5.5″ (This includes e.g. Apple iPhone6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Large eyebox for comfortable use with most eye distances (53 to 77mm). No manual lens-adjustments necessary
  • Eyeglasses can be worn under the VR ONE Plus
  • Even when not optimally centred, the VR ONE Plus offers clear image quality across the entire viewing field, including crisp, easy-to-read text
  • Transparent front for Augmented Reality apps
  • Detachable, replaceable head strap and face cushioning foam for flexibility and optimal hygiene
  • Openings for headphone and charging cables, as well as air vents for effective ventilation


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