VR / AR All in one!
VR ONE is initially made for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy, S5 (other phone specific trays for 4.7 to 5.3” displays coming soon) so you can finally experience TRUE VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) with the same product thanks to a see through front shield on the headset. Simply put your smart phone into the tray on the goggles and use the camera on your smart phone as the source for Augmented Reality apps. You can immerse yourself into another world using any VR/AR apps or games already on the market, or by way of the 2 premium apps included with the goggles that enable you to watch movies and view photos, enjoy Google featured views, watch 2D and 3D YouTube videos and interact with the ZEISS AR cube.

The VR ONE Media App allows you to view photos or watch movies from the gallery on your phone, view YouTube Videos online in 2D or 3D or Google featured views!   The app automatically creates a split screen for 2D video content so any video content on your phone or YouTube videos can be watched in side-by-side format in the VR ONE screen. For 3D video content, you can watch any side-by-side 3D format in amazing stereo 3D format.

VR ONE AR App and AR Cube!

VR ONE  also ships with a ZEISS AR Cube which allows you to use the included AR App to interact with various Avatars and unique images and experiences by simply holding the AR cube in front of the goggles. Turn the cube and see different Avatars. For App developers, the ZEISS AR Cube can open the door to a whole new world of AR. Learn more about App Developer opportunities.

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